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About Shred-Exx of Tampa Bay

Paper Shredding Services

Shred Exx is located in Tampa and founded by Lee Brand, a former security specialist for the United States Air Force and the Navy. Shred Exx services the entire Tampa bay area, including Tampa, Clearwater and St. Pete. Lee's background in secure communications for the military led him into his civilian career in securing and destroying sensitive materials for private companies, and his experience with computerized systems makes Lee uniquely qualified to understand how identity thieves work, and what they need to steal personal information that is not disposed of properly.

Our History

For the past 18 years, Shred Exx has helped companies of Pinellas and Hillsboro manage their documents better, with secure destruction of any and all paperwork that could be used to perpetuate identity theft, and costly legal fees. Since 2002, Shred-Ex's client base has swelled to over 200 organizations in the Tampa Bay area, and the list continues to grow. As shredding becomes more important (and required by law) our shredding services have grown with the need. Even with our growing client base, our shredding capacity is only at 50%!

For more information about services Shred Exx provides, please visit our Shredding Services page.