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    Secure Paper & Document Shredding, Locked Containers Provided, transferred to our mobile trucks.

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    Paper Shredding services in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Florida. Environmentally Friendly!

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    Flexible Paper Shredding, Service Schedule by Container, Clock or "On Call", according to your needs.

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Paper Shredding Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete

Welcome to Shredexx paper shredding services of Tampa, Clearwater & St. Petersburg, Florida. We specialize in document destruction for businesses both large and small in both Pinellas and Hillsboro counties. Shredexx understands the importance of document security and takes your document shredding needs very seriously. Shredexx now uses the fastest paper shredder trucks in the Tampa Bay area, ensuring our clients will get the fastest shredding services with the same attention to detail and security we're famous for.

  • Fastest commercial, mobile paper shredders available.
  • Smallest paper shredding size of mobile shredders.
  • Payoff: less staff time spent on paper shredding, more secure, paper shred size.
"Shredexx's services were amazing! I would definitely recommend them."

Why is Document Shredding important?

There has been a lot of media focus on the growing number of security breaches involving banks, accountants, lawyers, government and private industry. Could you be next? More information

Paper Shredding is the only legally recognized form of document destruction.

Information in your care and control must be handled in a safe and responsible manner to avoid identity theft, and costly legal battles. "Dumpster divers" have many motives for stealing your information, none of which are in your best interests.

Who really handles your confidential information?

Identity theft is on the rise again. Call the experts at Shred Exx today and find out how easy and affordable our document management services can be. Our trained paper shredding experts are uniquely qualified to handle all of your document destruction needs.

Shred Exx is the paper shredding company of choice for Tampa bay Florida. Document Shredding by Shred Exx, your document management specialist, prevents identity theft and keeps your information safe!

In Hillsborough call 813-286-7762, In Pinellas call 727-787-5743